יצירת קשר

ניתן ליצור קשר באמצעות הטופס.
אתגר זה נועד לוודא שהינך אנושי כדי למנוע "ספאם".
יש להזין את האותיות והספרות המופיעים בתמונה.

חברה איטלקית לייצור כבלים בתקן אירופאי.


Flexibility has always been the key strength of our company, we prise ourselves on offering a quality service, which can be relied upon, and we believe we are able to meet every requirement in the cables world.

Having a partnership relationship with our customers combined with a strong technical knowledge of the product we offer is another crucial point in the way we operate on the market.

Our longstanding experience is at customers’ disposal to find solutions to all construction requirements in many fieldsאיטילקית  and applications.

Customer loyalty is the ultimate proof that our products and service are top quality.

The strong commitment to customer satisfaction and to continuous improvement of product and service quality brought Elettrotek

to a steady growth over the years.