Reliable Equipment & Service Co. Inc.


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  Reliable Equipment זו חברה שנוסדה לפני כשלושים וחמש שנה. התמחתה בייצור כלי עבודה ידניים והידראוליים במיוחד לענף החשמל, לארגונים העוסקים בהקמות רשתות חשמל, תחנות משנה ותחנות כוח. חברה הגאה בטיב כלי העבודה ובפתרונות הטכנולוגיים.

Reliable Equipment is a specialty manufacturer supplying quality products throughout the United States & the world. We have over 35 years of experience manufacturing custom equipment and tools for the Power Utility Industry. Our success was originally derived from the vision of our founder, Norman DeLan Sr., who saw a need to supply specialized equipment in the utility, telephone and construction equipment business. Today, more and more companies buy from us because of the service we provide, along with our high quality products. We are also recognized for our knowledgeable staff who are experts in their  field.                                                            Click to get the alog: http://www.reliable-eq