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Since 1927, Chattanooga-based Sherman & Reilly has been a leading manufacturer of tools and equipment for underground and aerial transmission, and distribution of electrical power and communications systems, including a complete line of bundle blocks, pullers, tensioners and reel trailers. Telecommunications products include fiber Cablejet, Superjet and Microjet cable “blowing” equipment.
Sherman & Reilly has seen a lot of positive growth and change over the years, and in the last year alone, we've really upped our game. We launched our new website reflecting an updated look to the market, introduced Five NEW Products into our equipment line, and implemented a New Enterprise System to provide improved service and information to our customers. Sherman & Reilly has also been awarded the ISO 9001:2008 Certification, a designation we take pride in. ISO certification is a badge of excellence signifying Quality Management throughout the organization that gives us a definitive competitive advantage in our industry.